Core Services

Sample Analysis

We provide custom AUC analysis of your solution samples to provide particle sizing, information about oligomerization ...behavior, aggregation quantification, Kd measurements, size, shape and density distributions. We will work with your analytical staff to develop the required experimental design and will post all analysis results in your LIMS account. Optionally, we can provide custom reports which summarize the results from the performed experiments. We accept any materials suitable for solution characterization, including biopolymers, nanomaterials, quantum dots and synthetic polymers.

Molecular Standards & Reference Material

We develop and produce the reference material needed to qualify and validate your instrument.


AUC Solutions offers customized consulting services to develop an in-house analytical ultracentrifugation capability. ...This includes advice on needed instrumentation and technician training. Contact us for a discussion on a custom solution for your specific requirements.

DIY Analysis

We provide remote or in-person access to our supercomputers and laboratory infrastructure so that you can conduct ...your own analysis workflows using UltraScan in our laboratory

AUC Research and

We offer a selection of services to assist investigators with challenges related to the solution characterization of macromolecules. Rigorous analysis of macromolecular properties in the solution phase is a demanding task, extending into a wide range of scientific fields including biophysics and other life sciences, material science, colloid chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science. We have accumulated 30+ years of expertise in these fields to offer you assistance, guidance and training.

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