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UltraScan-in-a-box (USiaB)

The perfect solution for research laboratories with stringent data security needs where proprietary research data protected in closed IT environments and external supercomputers are not an option. UltraScan in a Box is built on an expandable HPC configuration which is matched to your analysis throughput needs. The base configuration of UltraScan in a Box features a 64-core, 512 GB Linux server which functions like a regular supercomputer. It includes all components of UltraScan required for parallel distributed optimization and analysis: A PBS batch queuing system, a LIMS web server interface, a MySQL database backend as well as a GUI interface for visualization and report preparation. The base system is configured with a 4 TB RAID-5 storage array for redundant storage of experimental data.

Optima AUC Integration

The new Optima AUC offered through Beckman Coulter offers direct integration of the AUC instrument with the UltraScan software. ...This integration eliminates intermediate disk storage of AUC data on client computers in ASCII format. All data are stored in the UltraScan LIMS system, and directly imported into the OpenAUC binary format used in UltraScan. Just as the Linux computer on the Optima AUC stores the data in binary format, so does UltraScan. This also eliminates information loss incurred with ASCII conversion and assures much faster transfer rates than are possible with ASCII storage. Another benefit from avoiding data storage on a client computer is that all data are protected from undesirable third-party manipulation that are possible when the data are simply stored on a disk. LIMS storage is protected from unauthorized access through database roles and authentication.

Protocol Development

We can work with your team to develop systematic analysis protocols for formulation characterization, aggregation ...quantification, reproducibility and similarity studies.

Custom Software Applications

We develop custom software solutions for your hydrodynamic characterization questions. Our programmers ...will develop software and pursue any required validation for FDA-approved characterization protocols.

UltraScan-III, AUC
Solutions LLC

UltraScan-III is an in-house developed software tool used for the analysis and evaluation of Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) data. It differs from other tools like SedAnal, Sedfit and Sedphat, Svedberg and DCDT+, and HydroPro in various aspects. Unlike other software, UltraScan-III is multi-platform, supports openAUC standards, and offers high-performance computing infrastructure. It also provides a web interface, database and LIMS support. UltraScan-III is open source and available on GitHub, offering a unique degree of transparency and the opportunity for community-driven improvements....

UltraScan-III is the only tool that supports direct data acquisition from the Optima AUC over an ethernet connection, eliminating the need for other data acquisition methods. It offers automatic data acquisition with the new Optima AUC, automated editing and data analysis, and analysis reporting.

The software is also the only one that supports high-performance algorithms which can utilize much larger CPU and memory configurations due to its supercomputing compatibility. This allows for parallel and global analysis of datasets, the handling of larger datasets, and the use of more demanding fitting algorithms, among other things.

UltraScan-III improves accuracy by incorporating exact centerpiece geometries, accounting for rotor stretching, and systematic noise removal. It also uses a relational database linking experimental data to other relevant properties, automatically providing hydrodynamic correctionsfor temperature and buffer density and viscosity, and storing results, images, reports, and other documentation.

The software uniquely describes models via an ASCII XML file that details all information about the solutes in a sample. This file can be used by all modules, allowing for models to be built, simulated, compared, stored, fitted, and more.

In addition to standard analysis routines, UltraScan-III offers unique analysis routines not found elsewhere, such as the 2-dimensional spectrum analysis (2DSA), custom grid (CG) approach,Monte Carlo (MC), genetic algorithms (GA), parametrically constrained spectrum analysis (PCSA), and discrete model GA (DMGA).

Overall, UltraScan-III provides a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, making it an exceptionally powerful tool for the analysis of AUC data.

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